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Belton, Bell County, Texas

Texas natives Michael and Nancy Kelsey of Belton have collected a wealth of local history and genealogy information.  The Kelsey Collection includes books, documents, and photographs from numerous sources.  

The Kelseys have published thirteen books. Five of these books focus on the history of Bell County, Texas.  Seven of their other books include abstracts of articles of genealogical interest from newspapers published in Texas and Alabama and served readers across the southern United States, and abstracts of Texas Masonic records.

Their latest book is Empresario’s Son:  E. S. C. Robertson of Salado.  In November 2018, this book received the grand prize writing award from the Texas State Genealogical Society (TxSGS).  The Books tab includes links to writeups about this award and a book review by Bill Buckner as published in the December 2018 edition of Stirpes, the Journal of the TxSGS.  ** Please note that this book is not a genealogy.  While it includes information of interest to genealogists, the book is about many people, places, and events in the history of Texas, told primarily through the life of early Texas pioneer E. S. C. Robertson using his journals, letters, documents, and maps.**

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The Kelseys are knowledgeable of Central Texas history and families, experienced using various local history and genealogy repositories, and dedicated to complete and accurate research. Contact them for assistance with research in Bell and surrounding counties.


Contact the Kelseys with comments or questions about their books or the files they offer for download from this web site, or to request they conduct research.

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